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What's New for 2022?

In as little as three and a half months, 2022 is going to roll in here just like any other day. And we will all probably make some remark about how time flies. You may think you were just beginning to hit your stride in 2021, and now we move into another year.

That's life, and it beats the alternative.

So, what are you going to do in 2022? What are your plans? What dream are you going to unfold and let fly? Where are you headed?

Is this the year you will release that book you've been writing? Are you taking that special trip to Europe? You know, the one you've been planning for years now, but never got around to it. What are you planning that will elevate your career path to an all time high?

I've asked myself these three questions all year long. I ask myself every day what I can do to be a better iridologist. I ask myself what will elevate me today so that I may lift someone else up.

As an iridology instructor, when we stop teaching the student, that should not be the end. We should still have a connection to that student and be ready to guide them further with ideas or a plan on how they can fly. I've seen it too many times; students give up because they didn't know how to get up and get going with their plans. They couldn't see how to put a practice together, or advertise themselves. They lost their confidence on trying to help others regain their health.

I teach a Leadership Skills class. For the most part, I teach people business building skills that can enhance their practice. Most of the people I have taught were not my own students, they were someone else's student. They had no idea of how to create a business, where to start or why they should start.

I meet with that person from where they are, at any level. If you have a vast knowledge of vitamins, herbs, and essential oils, that's a good place to start. If you don't have that knowledge, that's a good place to start too.

Don't let 2022 leave you sitting in the dark waiting for something to happen. Step up and grab 2022 by the double digits and lets get the iridology education down. Let's put a plan together and get you focused on a path in the right direction. Not the direction I feel, but the direction that is right for you!

Come on 2022, bring it on!

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