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Iridology-An Ancient Science? A New Art or Both?

Iridology is not new. In fact, it is an old and ancient science. Before the age of modern medicine, termed over 250 years ago, naturopathy, iridology, herbalism, nutrition and many other modalities were used and practiced. Most fifth graders know this to be true. It isn't anything that needs to be disputed, debated or challenged.

If you believe in Adam and Eve, do you believe they fell to Earth with a fridge full of penicillin? No, I don't think so. They were given plants and foods as medicine. But then again, we have come along way since then, haven't we? We are living in an age where the diagnostic tools are so precise they can see things in our blood, and determine the type of cancer someone may have in their body. Doctors can save lives with the proper equipment and life saving drugs.

We cannot begin to compare iridology to modern day medicine, but everyone seems to want to do that very thing. Iridology is not meant to replace the doctor. Iridology is not a diagnostic tool. Iridology is not a replacement to keep you from seeing your doctor.

In fact, iridology is used to help identify a need to see your doctor. It is also used as a tool to identify predisposed conditions that could become serious in nature if ignored. Iridology should be used as a roadmap of sorts to keep you engaged in a health plan. To ignore iridology as quackery and ignore the advice of a medical physician is just plain...ignorance.

I hear some people refer to Iridology as a "New Age" science. Who is out there saying this stuff? Really, it blows my mind to see people ridicule something they have never tried, never intend to try, and really don't have a clue about it, but they label it as New Age. It's only as old as rocks in water! People were looking in others people's eyes to determine their quality of health long before Noah was a local boy.

To be able to view the patterns present in the eye for determining genetic predispositions, to understand the personality patterns, and behaviors of a person is a art. The facts as seen in the iris and sclera proven from the client, leads itself to a science. When every client confirms the detail seen in the eye, this now becomes proof or fact based evidence according to their family genetics. When a doubter asks me for more proof, I clearly do not understand what they are asking for as evidence. Are they calling the client a liar? It's like reading a fact based book and claiming that it never happened.

I look at iridology as a way of showing me potential areas of nurture and things I should do to stay healthy or areas I should adjust as I age. You know we all use these apps to direct us as we set out on a trip. We want to know where the roadblocks are located and where the police may be hiding in case we are speeding. The travel apps tell us about the conditions in which we are traveling, and iridology does the same thing. The very same thing.

So to me, iridology is an art and science. It is a beautiful tool that has helped many of my clients learn more about their health and genetics, and led them into a healthier lifestyle. The proof is in the eyes and it never lies~

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