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Perfection Isn't PERFECT!

I just saw an interesting piece on the Sunday Morning show about the kids at the Mercer Island school. The segment was about over-achieving and the side effects of that behavior. In February of 2019, at the IIPA Symposium, this is the very thing I spoke on, perfectionism. While it is good to strive for that position, it is very unrealistic causing grief and heartache to the one pushing themselves into this unrealistic place of constant struggle. It's a false sense of security that brings sadness, loneliness, and to some, panic and anxiety. As an iridologist, you can notice this in your clients or in your own family if you just give the eyes a good look. Take a look in someone's eyes; I'll wait.

Look at the six o'clock area, straight down. Do you see something like a radial furrow, a long dark "trench " looking mark? Do you see a pigment or lacuna in that area? If you do see a marking of structure, this is a tendency for perfectionism. It is definitely not a bad thing. What it means is that you may need to work a little more to help that person understand that there is no need to set perfection as a goal. There is no such thing as PERFECT!

Set goals and set them to reach them. There is no race, nothing that you have to constantly be beating yourself up to achieve. Help your child understand that while it is their job to do their best, let them know the struggles are real. People have been known to take their own lives because they cannot be perfect. This applies to grades and even skin color. Now, if you want to carry this little eye-gazing a step further, take a look at the 12 o'clock position. If you see the structure marks I mentioned earlier, this is the stubbornness area of the eye. If you see this sign, what it means along with the perfection marking is that your child or client may struggle to move past this need to be perfect. This is a great time to use the flower essences and essential oils on the one having these issues. School has already started in some areas or it is soon to start in other cities. Don't let this get out of hand. Help those with these tendencies get "real" about this behavior.

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