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Stubborn kid

This was me in 1990...well, not actually me, but a pretty good image of how I first received iridology.

Close minded, obstinate, disbelieving and basically stubborn, I totally refused to hear what benefits could come from iridology.

Let's go back, way back to another time.

My mom and my sister went to see an iridologist in the Dallas area. He started with my mom first, telling her about her health and how she needed to focus on her digestion and overall dietary habits. He then went on to tell her about the pigments he saw in her eyes and how they represented family history of health issues. There were things being said to her that only her mother or her children actually knew to be true.

She confirmed all of the things he told her and came home with a deep desire to correct some bad eating habits and incorporate some healthier options. The session provided her some guidance and confirmation about her health that had concerned her for some time.

My sister also had a session that day. As the iridologist told her things about her health, he explained there were some things that may help her related to these issues. He further went on to explain some emotional and behavioral markings seen in her eyes. Again, these were things only she had knowledge of and not shared with others outside of the family.

Well, let me tell you how fast my mom got in touch with me. Lightening could not have struck faster!

She was adamant that I go to see this man. My sister even suggested that he may offer suggestions and encourage me to take care of myself. Something I had no knowledge of really how to do.

I had every excuse in the book. "oh, so you think I really need help?" or "I'm fine seeing my doctor." The side note about that last statement was that I was not getting any better physically and emotionally I was closing off.

After their pleas for me to go see this "health nut" I absolutely refused and told them I was not going and they could just stop wasting their breath. Case closed!

And then, I'll fast forward four years. I was now seeing a foot reflexologist. I'll just say that some persistence pays off.

As I finished my treatment with her, I sat on the floor to get a closer look at her books, while my friend took her turn at foot reflexology. There I set just gazing at the titles on the spine of the books, there it was...shining like a bright beam of light; IRIDOLOGY. Staring at the book and thinking to myself, "are you kidding me?" I grabbed the book and asked the reflexologist if this was something she actually believed in. It was Dr. Bernard Jensen's big blue book.

She replied, "oh, I really do believe in iridology. My best friend is an iridologist."

I opened that book and as soon as I saw a big iris on the page looking back at me, I was hooked. It was like Alice in Wonderland. It only took a picture, four years later to draw me in.

In 1995 I was in one of Dr. Jensen's last iridology classes and the rest is history.

The point I want to make here is; if you have a deep desire as my mom had for me to get the help she thought I'd benefit from the most, don't give up. Keep holding that vision for someone. Keep believing that person will find their way.

For me, it became a total lifestyle change. I completely gave up many things to accept and pursue iridology. I gave up a belief system that drugs would "fix" me, that whatever I ate wouldn't hurt me. I had a major attitude adjustment that put me on an opposite path.

We can pay a price for our stubbornness, sometimes a steep price. I'm just thankful I got the message. Our stubbornness can keep us from our greatness. It may keep us from meeting our one true love, or our best job ever.

I am still introduced to some pretty crazy things, but instead of being stubborn about it I now use discernment. I know to question it and receive it without total negativity. I open myself to understanding it with wisdom and not the stubbornness of a child.

Don't fear what you don't understand. Ask questions, dig a little deeper and let your ego go.

The only place stubborn looks good is, on a mule!

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