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Speak Thee of New Knowledge

If I asked you to show me an open lacuna in an iris, can you point that out? If I asked you to tell me about a polyglandular iris, could you? What about pupil flatness? Could you point that out and tell me the concerns a client may have with that marking?

If you are still using terms describing the iris as murky, or lesions to apply to lacuna or Psora to detail the pigment in the iris, you are behind the times and it's high time to come into the 21 century!

Sorry to burst your bubble here but that is just where you are, in a bubble! Why stay stuck in old terminology and outdated ways when you can improve your education and step onto a worldwide stage of understanding Comprehensive iridology.

We don't speak in old-world terms today unless you attend a Renaissance festival. If you say to someone, "Oh thank thee kind sir" or "wherefore art thou?" you may be living in another world, but in iridology, it's time to step up your game and use the proper terminology.

Iridology classes are always available in a private class setting for IIPA certification.

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