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Reputation Matters!

The eye shows us questions to ask our clients, not statements to make.

The moment you make a statement about OCD, Leaky gut syndrome, mitral valve prolapse, and being able to see this in the eye you have just diagnosed your client and this is not what we do as iridologists.

If you need to diagnose someone, go get a medical degree. If you want to help someone, stop making statements about what you "see" and ask the proper questions to help them.

Iridology isn't some parlor game used to amuse people. It isn't a guessing game. Your position isn't to play "Oh, I see..." It's not a crystal ball.

Your job is to give the best advice on what you see in the eye that reflects the way a person eats, drinks, thinks, lives and loves. Your job is show areas of nurture.

If understanding what the eye is showing you has you hung up on what questions to ask, then maybe you need a tutoring course on identifying what the eye is telling you.

Prove iridology to be the science that it is and not some "parlor" game that the general public thinks it is. Teach your clients, give a true understanding and explanation of your findings without scaring the client.

Being honest will bring you a lifelong client~

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