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Dream It, Believe It

It starts with a dream-

The dream becomes a reality when the wheels start turning.

The written words and research become a book and reality sets in when the book is printed and you hold it for the first time.

Then the book sells to eager students craving to learn an ancient science and a desire to help people.

The classes form and start to take shape and before you know, your students become certified and you see this beautiful path grow like branches of a tree.

Then you repeat the dream and another book comes to mind. You work every free moment you can and you create moments to continue because you have the drive and another desire to see people grow. Before you know it, there it is...another book. That little book finds its path and starts to grow.

And then someone says to you, 'excellent work' or 'job well done.'

That is the icing on the cake!

Keep your dreams alive.

I am no where near finished! I'm just getting warmed up~

Come grow with me!

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