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Iridology Fusion Worktext & Systems Companion Guide

Iridology Fusion Worktext & Systems Companion Guide

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The Iridology Fusion Worktext and Systems Companion Guide is only available through at this time. Lulu is a print-on-demand publisher. Orders may take up to 3 weeks to deliver.  


Click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser. There are several versions of the book: soft-bound or Ebook.


Please read the purchasing instructions completely and select your purchase; there is no refund from the publisher, printer, or author. 


Is iridology a pseudoscience or a natural, non-invasive way of detecting our genetic health patterns from generations before us?


This is the complete IIPA Level I & II textbook for students wanting certification in iridology. Bright, bold pictures, easy to read and apply to your course. 


The Systems Companion Guide offers information about supplementation, herbs, foods, essential oils, and other natural modalities to help your client, family, or friends.

There is also some basic information on personality iridology, behavioral iridology, and business leadership. 


Iridology Fusion's Worktext and System's Companion Guide is the newest iridology textbook on the market today, in 2018. It will be a worktext you will want to keep and use for years to come.


    Iridology Fusion's Worktext and Systems Companion Guide is a great textbook for the serious iridologist. 

    It is beyond basic iridology instruction, considering the case studies, basic information on personality, and behavioral iridology.

    This is THE book for those ready to study how to read the iridology patterns, look for underlying causes of health problems, and understand the root cause of a person's health.


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