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Iridology Fusion Anatomy & Physiology for Iridology Studies

Iridology Fusion Anatomy & Physiology for Iridology Studies

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An IIPA approved, college level  anatomy & physiology course for iridology students. Explore the body with 17 chapters, quizzes and iridology information especially created for those interested in iridology, learning iridology enrolled in current classes or for those wanting to refresh their AP studies.


This self-paced course  is yours to print or keep the downloaded PDF on your computer or tablet.


A four hour exam is required for those testing for the IIPA examination of iridology certification.


    If you take your iridology studies seriously, you know Anatomy & Physiology is the key to understanding how the body works. 

    This course is simple but challenging and full of information. It is designed to help you understand the root cause of your client's health problems. 

    There are suggestions for natural therapies, foods, herbals, flower essences and essential oils to help you guide your client into better health.



    There are no refunds on this purchase once the product has shipped. 

    This products is sent to you as a PDF. Once it is sent, it cannot be un-sent. 


    There is no shipping fee on this product.

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