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Cranial Nerves and Muscle Mapping book

Cranial Nerves and Muscle Mapping book

Take your iridology knowledge to a deeper level and dive into a better tracking of the cranial nerves. This is the latest publication from Kathy Norris D.Ir, CCIIM author and IIPA Instructor, helping you map cranial nerve beginnings and locate them on the iridology chart and sclera chart.

Locating specific muscles is another feature that aids in identifying the root cause of your clients issues. Understanding the spine is one of the biggest keys to opening the world of iridology.


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    There are no returns or refunds on books or charts.


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    There is a flat rate fee of $10.00 for shipping within the 48 contiguous states when ordered from this website.

    Please request your free chart while supplies last.

    Shipping outside of the lower 48 states will require more shipping costs. PLease let us know where you would like the product shipped.

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